Throughout time, body aesthetics has been viewed as admirable and enviable by both men and women. People have bodies types which could be good or bad in terms of their quality value. For instance, steroids and growth hormone injections have contributed to male breasts, painful erections, testicular shrinkage, decreased sperm count, infertility, impotence, and heart disease. Thus, we may ask if it is possible to garner benefits with natural methods of training and dieting. The answer is yes.

My personal fitness experience includes 6 years of following every training advice of calisthenics and weight training. In addition, I completed sensei Paul Wades convict conditioning training, and have been mentored under Jim Bathurst (a world leading calisthenics teacher) and learned to perform one- arm handstand pushups, and pistol squats. Throughout these years of fitness practice, I’ve learned that every body type can build an aesthetic male or woman physique.

In this document, I cover all exercises that great physique candidates should do in a typical week, in order to develop their potential. I try to specify the program according to gender and height. This document is written in a marksman fashion. All the programs are for people in a hurry who have little time for exercise and need surgeon like precision to get tailored results. People up to 6’5, will find this book the most useful. Furthermore, this text is written in abbreviated language as will be explained below.

  • s-squat
  • L-lunge
  • p-pushup

Hp-handstand push up (or if you cant do one do a more basic variation like pike pushups or one knee one leg up pike push ups)

  • pu-pull up

If the program is followed correctly and your at any age an individual may grasp its full benefits in 1 month. Look for your gender and height and get started getting the body of your dreams!